Many who receive aquatic bodywork speak of a re-birthing experience. They speak of being blissfully "born" into the newness or remembrance of their essence and feel their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies in a richer, fuller way. Sensations are uniquely felt on all dimensions of your body as you are moved throughout the pool with undulations, circles, figure 8's, and spirals.

Healing Dance Aquatic Bodywork

There are many shifts during pregnancy to a woman including skeletal structure, muscles, sleeping, hormones, emotions, mental, spiritual, relationship aspects, and more. Prenatal, Lymphatic, and postpartum massage can relieve the tensions of body changes that become before and after the birthing of a child. This type of intuitive treatment can help a woman stay comfortable before and after her pregnancy.

Prenatal/Postpartum & Lymphatic Massage

Practicing the art of massage on an infant is a treatment that can result in numerous benefits to the child and the mother. These are group classes where the mother is instructed on how to massage her child. Infant massage benefits the nervous, muscular, respiratory, digestive and circulatory systems of your baby.

Private Infant Massage Classes

Learn more about the benefits of Integrated Massage.

Integrated Massage

Interested in Natural Healthcare? You will learn WHAT essential oils are, HOW to use them safely for your family, and WHY they work so well and so quickly!

Essential Oils Classes

Get creative with a Friday Date Night designed for you to have fun, connect, and learn simple techniques to help your loved one feel nurtured, ease aches and pains, and decrease stress.

Couple's Massage Classes

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Thank you for visiting Malama Massage Therapy of Fort Collins, CO. Please browse my site to learn about services from a local massage therapist in Fort Collins. There are a variety of massage therapy sessions to choose from.

Malama in the Hawaiian language means to nurture, support, to care, to serve, and to honor.

As an experienced massage therapist in Fort Collins, CO, I especially enjoy the concept of malama, when it comes to massage therapy. To me, it means a full conscious focus to a person's needs in the moment of relaxing care. I think massage or bodywork is an adventure with your body - full of discoveries about yourself on all levels.

I AM honored to support your awakening to an amazing YOU that is free of pain, discomforts, and stress. All while bringing in the new, the light, and the happiness that we all deserve to enjoy. Contact a local massage therapist in Fort Collins, CO today!


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