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Thank you for visiting Malama Massage Therapy of Fort Collins, CO. Please browse my site to learn about services from a local massage therapist in Fort Collins. There are a variety of massage therapy sessions to choose from.

  • Prenatal Wellness
  • Postpartum Wellness
  • Stress Management
  • Aches and Pain Relief
  • Repetitive Stress Relief

  • Self-Care Education
  • Health Wellness
  • Relaxation
  • Support for Trauma & PTSD Healing

Malama in the Hawaiian language means to nurture, support, to care, to serve, and to honor.

As an experienced massage therapist in Fort Collins, CO, I especially enjoy the concept of malama, when it comes to massage therapy. To me, it means a full conscious focus to a person's needs in the moment of relaxing care. I think massage or bodywork is an adventure with your body - full of discoveries about yourself on all levels.

I AM honored to support your awakening to an amazing YOU that is free of pain, discomforts, and stress. All while bringing in the new, the light, and the happiness that we all deserve to enjoy. Contact a local massage therapist in Fort Collins, CO today!


Gina Michelle

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