Services and Rates

Investing in massage therapy from a local Fort Collins Massage therapist is an investment in your health

These are sessions approached much like the Integrating sessions. There are key differences that fit the prenatal protocols to ensure you and your little one are getting the appropriate touch and safe care. Make no mistake that your body is in a ten month training program for a marathon called, labor! Athletes get massaged to keep their joints and muscles supple for the big event. So should YOU! What's more, is an athlete's body does not naturally go through rapid structural changes like pregnant women do. Massage therapy support is amazing for this time of life change. Your comfort is top priority and depending on what trimester you are in, you'll be positioned in the side-lying &/or semi-reclined positions. *If you are experiencing a high risk pregnancy, we can discuss your condition for possible modification of the massage.

Integrative Bodywork

60 minutes $90 or 90 min $130

This session brings in various modalities of the massage therapy world to fit your needs. Your session could have the combination of some of the following: Swedish, deep tissue, neuro-muscular, energy work, thai-inspired range of motion, stretching, breathwork, and the use of hot/cold applications. My approach with each session is to listen to you and your needs and provide the touch that supports your needs. What is created in the session is unique to you and how you are feeling in the moment. Your body is different everyday, so shall your bodywork be!

Aquatic Bodywork

70 min. (incl. 10 min pre/post talk) $130

A truly profound therapy! Many who receive this style of work speak of a re-birthing experience. They speak of being blissfully "born" into the newness or remembrance of their essence and feel their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies in a richer, fuller way. Sensations are uniquely felt on all dimensions of your body as you are moved throughout the pool with undulations, circles, figure 8's, and spirals.

Partner Aquatic Bodywork

70 min $245.00

**Please contact me to allow plenty of time/options for scheduling as there will be two therapists to coordinate with you and your partner.
Get floating with your favorite partner! Couples, expecting couples, family members, friends - float with your partner in the pool in a unique way for fun, deeper connection, wellness and healing.

Lomi Lomi

90 minutes $140

These sessions are an adventure into the light-body and is for anyone who wishes to call back their authentic essence. The lineage I practice comes from a temple-style lomi lomi with the intention of Ke ala Hoku, or Pathway to the Stars. This is amazing bodywork that was traditionally done in Hawaiian temples to support rites of passage in life and supports anyone with the intention of getting in touch with the guidance of their higher self and inner light. Lomi Lomi is for the intention of embracing and releasing.

Lomi Lomi is for writers, artists and actors who need to transition between projects or simply into self. For people who's career requires them to be extroverted or in constant outreach to the public, and need a moment to go inward. For people adventuring into marriage or divorce. One healing a loss or trauma. Career or life changes. For the simple beauty of feeling into the body if one has been over-occupied in the mind. This style of lomi lomi is unique for bringing together sacredness, breath, movement and fluid forearm strokes that are embracing and enlighten the senses.