Current COVID-19 Policies

It is important that you familiarize yourself with the policies for your protection and the protection of others


Everyone knows the habit of washing hands and using sanitizers. Please don't let your guard down with that habit!

Entering the Building

To avoid having multiple people staying in the waiting room for prolonged periods of time, I ask that you wait to come until just before your session start time. Clock time will start after a short verbal intake. If you need more time to talk, please know that I may need to end my session with you on-time so that we can still have a buffer between you and the next client.

Cleanup Time Buffer

I will have ample time to make sure the room is ready for you. Wiping down common surfaces, changing sheets, etc., just like I started to do before we had to stop operations.

Diffuser Use

I will be diffusing therapeutic grade essential oils to disperse them into the air. I'll be using oils that are commonly known to have anti-viral and bacterial properties. They are safe for pregnancy and those who are sensitive to fragrances as they don't contain artificial scents. At this time, there is no air-purifier or diffuser proven to get rid of viruses in the air.

Check Out

We will continue to check out and reschedule in the treatment room so that when you are finished, you can walk right out the office.


Until further notice, I will have a mask wearing policy. I will continue to wear masks while in treatment with you. While you are laying on your back or on your side, you will also wear a mask. Please remember to bring a mask of any type to comfortably cover your mouth and nose.

Massage After COVID-19

If you or a family member has or have recovered from COVID-19, please follow the guidelines from the CDC and local department of health for how to know when it's safe to come out of isolation. Please let me know if you or a family member has endured this virus BEFORE our session. Trust your gut and let me know as soon as possible! I'd rather us be more cautious than to be doubtful!

Common Sense

At this time, please don't bring in anyone else who isn't going into session with you. Allow them to wait in the car or arrange a pick up time. As always please call to cancel if you aren't feeling well or someone in your home is not feeling well. I won't charge you for last minute cancellations due to sickness.