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Gina Michelle, Licensed Massage Therapist & Aquatic Bodyworker

Gina Michelle, Licensed Massage Therapist & Aquatic Bodyworker
Colorado DORA Massage Therapist License #7985

Gina Michelle, Licensed Massage Therapist & Aquatic Bodyworker

My Career Experience

As a therapist for over 20 years, I've enjoyed the adventure in my field. Here's what I have done so far in my career:

  • Instructor for small and large group workshops.
  • Private and group infant massage instruction.
  • Full and part-time instructor for Denver School of Massage Therapy (2004-2006) and Boulder College of Massage Therapy(2007-2011).
  • Independent contractor massage therapist for spas and chiropractors.

My Training

Boulder College of Massage Therapy 1000+hr Certification Program (1999-2000), Prenatal, Postpartum, Labor Massage Certification, Hawaiian Temple Lomi Lomi, Kumu (teacher) Level Certificate, Ayurvedic Massage Training, Thai Massage Training, and Healing Dance Aqua Therapy. Training and experience in hydrotherapy, energy work, spa treatments, and reflexology.

My Practice Philosophy

I approach my practice with a holistic intention. By connecting to the body, through the body, a person has the potential to learn about their own physical/behavioral patterns and how it manifests in the physical aspect of the body. Along with attending a client's needs for what brought them to the office in the first place, I hold the highest intent with supporting a client's recall of remembering who they are - a person free of pain, discomfort, or suffering.

I support all levels of being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. With this support through bodywork and self-care, some clients get to feel what is in alignment with them and what they would like to change for themselves. These awakenings can be intense or subtle, quick or gradual, but all my clients will always get my full focus and attention to their healing time.

What inspired me to connect to massage therapy?

I was first introduced to bodywork when I was a "techie" traveling on the road with a performance group. The road life was not nourishing to my body. Extremely long work hours, physically demanding tasks, lack of sleep, and very unhealthy food did damage to my body. I was in my early 20's, but was already feeling old and my blood pressure was measuring so high, a doctor said my condition was "like an unmedicated, middle-aged, over-weight, caffeine drinking, smoker"! I was failing my body!

Something HAD to change!

I awoke to my potential to change with an appointment with a chiropractor/massage therapist. He integrated techniques that were right for me, from traditional Chinese energy medicine, to chiropractic adjustments, and finally a massage. My sense of vitality was sky high! I was inspired to keep this renewed state of being for myself. My life philosophy and conscious awareness changed that day. What came after was more unfolding to reveal my true self and how I want to take care of my bodymindspirit for the rest of my life. I thought that if one therapist could ignite this amazing opportunity in one person at a time, what would it be like to have many therapists supporting many others? I really wanted to be a part of this conscious way of touching lives.

Nora Dechant, Owner at Pursuit of Vitality

Nora Dechant, Owner at Pursuit of Vitality

Nora Dechant, Owner at Pursuit of Vitality


My Bio

My name is Nora and my goal is to provide you with intentional quality care to support your wants, needs, and goals. Ultimately YOU are the true healer, I am a conduit and dedicated facilitator of the art that speaks to your inner physician. I have been offering these services for more than 5 years which was inspired after going through my own healing journey with these modalities and them being successful. I have sincere passion and connection to these services. These arts are encoded in my DNA having osteopathic and homeopathic doctors for grandfathers. I serve humanity from the age of infants who have tongue ties all the way to elderly with vertigo. I also offer group sessions for any of your special gathering visions! I love everything about what I do and the people I serve.

My Scope of Practice and Training

I am trained in Reflexology, Craniosacral Upledger level III, Chikly Lymphatic Drainage, Jin Shin, Chakra Balancing, Merkaba Lightbody activation, and Kundalini Yoga, breathwork and ceremonies all of which are integrative, gentle therapies that can assist the body's natural ability to heal. Additionally I offer Biomat, infrared sauna with chromotherapy, ion foot detox, Rife Frequency, Lumecutical light therapy and SoSound high acoustic sound therapy. Everything complements each other for your best possible outcome in mind. I look forward to serving your greatest and highest good!

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