Healing Dance Aquatic Bodywork

Witness how your body expresses in water.

A unique therapy addition found nowhere else in Northern Colorado!

A 97 degree warm water therapy pool is conveniently located at Aquis Wellness Arts! This sparkling pool is ADA accessible restroom and has a pool lift.

**We feature Queer-focused, Trans and Non-binary aquatic classes. At Malama we believe comfort and safety are an integral part to experiencing whole and healthy embodiment. Check class schedule for dates and details.**

Aquatic Bodywork in Fort Collins, CO

A truly profound therapy! Many who receive this style of work speak of a re-birthing experience. They speak of being blissfully "born" into the newness or remembrance of their essence and feel their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies in a richer, fuller way. Sensations are uniquely felt on all dimensions of your body as you are moved throughout the pool with undulations, circles, figure 8's, and spirals. This process of winding and unwinding freely in the water allows for:

- Gentle opening of the joints and range of motion.
- Possible structural re-alignment (while receiving a series of sessions).
- Balancing sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.
- Healing very old traumas are ripe for exploring as well.

This work is recommended for:

Those wanting a unique bodywork experience. Improved sleep, pregnant women and their partners, adjunct support with mental wellness, part of a comprehensive plan for PTSD, people with limited mobility, chronic pain, rehabilitation, intense healing from dis-ease, and hospice.

I also recommend this style of bodywork for people who are at a constant state of extroversion and need time to connect to themselves in the most innate way. For example: care givers, mothers, fathers, community leaders, entertainers, actors, and entrepreneurs...anyone who feels that their personal energy is "tapped" out by giving or being of service.

Aquatic Bodywork

70 min. (incl. 10 min pre/post talk)

Water & Land Journey Package

Approx. 3.5 hours

Water & Land Journey Package Approx. 3.5 hours $300
Ready for adventure? This package combines a 60 min. Aquatic Bodywork session, next a 90 min. Lomi Lomi, followed by a 20 min. Full Body Wrap to help you integrate and ground before you move on with the rest of your day. This package brings two of the deepest work I offer and is ideal for when you want to move "personal mountains" or simply find your bliss! This package is only offered at Essential Wellness location.

**Please contact me to allow plenty of time/options for scheduling as there will be two therapists to coordinate with you and your partner. Partner floats will only be held at Essential Element location.

Get floating with your favorite partner! Couples, expecting couples, family members, friends - float with your partner in the pool in a unique way for fun, deeper connection, wellness and healing.